Private Label & Hospitality Manufacturing


Designer and customer know us, our manufacturing expertise and potential

For more than 20 years, Avetopia has been innovative and creative for creating the best collection of furniture for hotels, restaurants, bistros, beaches, offices, residences and retail. Our design and engineering provide material flexibility to full fill your need in every possible way. Avetopia design process has attention to create value of the products to delight client.

Once a design is approved, the designer work closely with the manufacturing team at our factory to achieve the product. In addition, all the products from material selection to packaging, go through Quality Control phase, which includes test, rigororous approval to ensure customer satisfaction.

Your private label business requires production lines, capabilities, technical support, and manufacturing?

In response to this, Avetopia has several production lines, all of which are scheduled to meet the demands of our customers. Let discuss to develop strategies, make prototypes, and undergo manufacturing testing. Also, boxes, packaging, and logos can be customized according to your preferences. Quality, Time, Value, Service: these are the four capabilities for our business model.

  • Find more creative ideas for your projects
  • Production line is calibrated for you & on-time delivered
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities
  • Present your services with flexible, convenient and multipurpose furniture

We understand the importance of aligning design and technical matters in a project process. These are details concerning material construction, drawing, and another specific aspect that you will need along the process, and we are ready for that. At the initial stage, when you are working with preliminary drawings, be in contact with our team to discuss technical aspects for the breakdown of specifications and quotes, whether it is construction-related, material requirement, or hardware alternatives.

Let us talk and offer a proposal. On the follow-up stages, stay in touch with our team to monitor the production in progress. We will be reliable at your disposal if you have any queries of installation and fit-out

From the early phase of your project, our teams are ready to accompany you. We fully understand the importance of correct measurement and proper placement of your project’s space planning. We can provide our furniture’s outline CAD drawing to render with the preparation of your space.

Feel free to send us your picture, and we will come up with options of pieces workable for your project. Our team has advanced modeling and rendering software to be able to create realistic images and scenes. We must get the details as correct as possible. With this diverse competences, we are confident to support you in the process of space design until the final production planning.

Our team consists of diverse people, each with their expertise in their field. Ranging from the preliminary step to the final delivery, we are ready to collaborate for your projects.

With hospitality projects, our mission is not only to furnish your project with our product but we also keen to provide you with the best possible services along the way. Along with the broad range of our hospitality projects, we offer a comprehensive approach to your projects.